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With a focus on Software, Cloud and Big Data Applications in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada, we create a relationship with entrepreneurs early in a company’s lifecycle. We’re entrepreneur centric — so when we invest in your business, we invest in you.

Our team is available, responsive and committed to you when and where you need it — from your very first venture round. The result is fast-tracked time to revenue with less capital.


Paul MikesellCEO, Carbon Robotics

“When you're an entrepreneur, you're heads down building a business and you may not have time to network. If you're working with Voyager, trust me: you will be meeting people and networking and it will be a good outcome for you.”

Paul Mikesell

CEO, Carbon Robotics

John Lauer

CEO, Zipwhip - Acquired by Twilio in 2021


“I always tell entrepreneurs if you have the opportunity to work with Voyager, take it. Don’t just optimize for highest valuation or liquidation preferences. Having a supportive VC team is worth much more than a minor amount of dilution impact.”

John Lauer

CEO, Zipwhip

Maria Colacurcio

CEO, Syndio

"From the onset, and the initial term sheet, Voyager has been fair and transparent. They're high integrity, honest and they genuinely care"

Maria Colacurcio

CEO, Syndio

Joe Levy

CEO, UpLevel

“I’ve been working with Voyager team for 15 years. The combination of their vision, loyalty, and caring team makes them an excellent investment partner. They support the entire business and set us up for maximum success.”

Joe Levy

CEO, Uplevel

Meet Voyager

Voyager invests in entrepreneurs who have the passion and discipline to unleash ideas, push boundaries and thrive on disruptive changes. When you work with Voyager, you get investment beyond the dollar signs.